We are a family-owned business and take pride in our work.
We treat your car as if it were our own.

A number of our cars have been featured in magazines:

If you are looking for someone to restore your car, I would recommend Gary, without any hesitation. Not only is his work exceptional, he is an honest and nice guy to boot! I interviewed several shops before I entrusted my car to Gary. The quality of his work speaks for itself. The experts say that 90% of a great paint job is in the preparation. The time and patience that Gary put into prepping my car for paint really shows in the final product. In addition, the fit and finish of the final product far exceeds what the factory produced originally. We all forget that these cars we love so much, were just production vehicles back in the day. Pay close attention to the hood to fender and the door gaps the next time you are at a car show. The more even the gaps, the better the body shop. The gaps on my Mach 1 are absolutely even.

There is an old saying, "You get what you pay for." In most cases that is true. However, almost without exception, when I attend a car show, the other participants guess that my paint job cost me several times more than the actual cost. So, I guess you could say that "I got more than I paid for" with the final product. Lastly, I am very happy to report, that when I do enter car shows, I am lucky enough to typically take First place awards. This is primarily due to the hard work that Gary puts into each of the cars he restores. I was so happy with the results of the Mach 1, Gary did the body and paint on my wife's 1966 GT convertible also.

Scott A
Portland, Oregon

The time had come to have my 1966 mustang coupe repainted. Both front and rear windows leaked along with a number of other problems that required attention before painting. The question was, where and by who? After going to many car shows and asking people who painted their car, one name kept coming up- Gary's Mustangs. A trip to Gary's shop was in order. I must say I was very impressed with Gary's work. I highly recommend Gary's Mustangs for repairs, repaint and restoration.

John S
Portland, Oregon

I wish I had taken my high-mileage '65 convertible to Gary ten years ago. He's meticulous and professional, and could not have been more pleasant to work with. Beyond his skill, his specific knowledge regarding these cars is a huge asset in ensuring that they're put together properly. My car ended up needing cowl repairs, and I was glad I had chosen someone experienced with these cars rather than just a good bodyman. Every time I see the beautiful paintwork on my car I feel certain that I got more than I paid for. I could not possibly be happier about the results.
I recommend Gary enthusiastically!

Steve E
Salem, Oregon

Thank you so much for all the work you have put into my Mustang. It is so awesome! Your work is above and beyond; you did an exceptional job. I look forward to bringing her back in for further improvements.

Jonathan O.
Portland, Oregon